Howard University Unveils Howard Forward

New Strategic plan outlines University priorities for 2019 – 2024

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Howard University today unveiled its new strategic plan, Howard Forward, which will be the visionary blueprint for the institution for the next 5 years.

“We are embarking on a forward trajectory that positions Howard University as a model of excellence, in a contemporary context, across everything we do, from academics to operations to fulfilling our legacy and mission of truth and service.” said President Wayne A. I. Frederick. “This plan outlines our bold strategy to provide a quality educational experience while also doubling down on our commitment to produce distinguished global leaders.”

To view President Frederick’s full message on the Howard Forward plan, click here:

The action-oriented plan, developed by a cross-disciplinary committee of faculty, administrators and students, was developed with input from the entire campus community and outlines the University’s strengths and opportunities, refines the vision and identifies areas of growth across academics, research, innovation, and business operations. Howard Forward is a framework of five institutional priorities, described as “pillars” that Howard University is uniquely positioned to address:

Pillar One: ENHANCE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Howard will enhance academic excellence by supporting faculty, research and student development, academic rigor and retention through recruitment of continuous improvement of academic programs.

Pillar Two: INSPIRE NEW KNOWLEDGE: Howard University will reward innovation in instruction, research, entrepreneurship, collaboration and capacity building that maximizes the institution’s impact by enlightening and inspiring our faculty and students to change the world.

Pillar Three: SERVE THE COMMUNITY: Howard University will serve its diverse community with high impact outreach and collaborative partnerships across division and beyond campus borders, while cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity, wellness and civility.

Pillar Four: IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS: Howard will improve efficiency and effectiveness with investments in upgraded technology and systems to promote automation and strategic incentive programming for customer satisfaction metrics, while consistently delivering highest quality products and services to our community and stakeholders.

Pillar Five: ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: We will achieve financial sustainability through revenue diversification, process optimization, asset management, fundraising and investment in high business opportunities, communicating in transparency and operating with accountability, all while being good stewards of our resources.

The Steering Committee was led by Provost and Chief Academic Officer Anthony Wutoh,Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer Tashni Dubroy, and Chief Financial Officer Michael Masch.

“Howard Forward is innovative, bold and will enable us to be responsive to market changes and the needs of our key stakeholders,” said Wutoh. “We were very intentional that this plan be inclusive of the ideas of the collective Bison family and will empower us to make progressive strides in the years ahead. Howard Forward represents the blueprint for what we aspire to accomplish as a University community. Our responsibility is now to implement and make this vision our reality.”

To view President Frederick’s full message on the Howard Forward plan, click here:

To view Howard University’s strategic plan in its entirety, visit:

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