Our mission is to support HU students, faculty, staff, students & community members while advocating for a culture of accountability and transparency in all management decisions and operating initiatives thus ensuring sustainability of the university’s historic legacy.


The Capstone Group is a group of vested stakeholders focused on the fundamental goal of promoting holistic accountability and transparency across Howard University’s ecosystem, through a dynamic collaborative of Howard University alumni, faculty members, staff, students, friends and community supporters for now and in the future. We are committed to ensuring that Howard University embraces and builds on its institutional greatness as a world leader in research, arts, culture, science and innovation.

Objectives and Purpose

  1. The Capstone Group makes awards to former and current HU staff.
  2. The Capstone Group awards scholarships to HU students
  3. The Capstone Group awards grants to HU faculty
  4. The Capstone Group promotes community/HU initiatives
  5. The Capstone Group promotes progressive trustee nominees for HU Trustee board.
  6. The Capstone Group will  periodically evaluate the transparency, accountability, competence, and integrity of HU management and, if the results of such evaluations are positive, will make financial donations to HU.

We save around 52% of all donations for future grants and scholarships that will go to HU, but only after HU management passes our annual public evaluation for transparency, accountability, competence, and integrity.

Of the money we raise:

  • 45.238% of funds go to scholarships or grants
  • 52.380% of funds raised go to savings for scholarships or grants to HU after clean evaluation
  • 1.190% of funds go to administrative expenses
  • 1.192% of funds go to fundraising expenses