The Capstone Group Faculty Conference Registration Grant (FCRG) has the goal of directly supporting HU faculty research and creative works aligned with HU’s historic mission while demanding integrity, competency, transparency, and accountability within the University’s management.


The FCRG will be a direct payment of a registration fee to the conference, meeting, or event at which an HU faculty member will be presenting on their research or creative work.  The FCRG comes directly from The HU Capstone Group donors. 


Eligibility to apply for the award is limited to all current full time HU faculty.


Individual faculty are selected who in the judgment of donors have research that is aligned with Howard University’s historic mission to support and advance African American, black, and underserved communities. 

FCRG Award amounts

The maximum amount for any FCRG is $500.

Conditions of Award

If awarded the FCRG, it is expected that the HU faculty member will attend and present their research or creative work.  Also, those who accept the award must agree to participate in the annual HU Capstone Group homecoming event to present an update on their work.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the one (1) page application.  All application materials must be typed in English and become the property of the HU Capstone Group.  The application must be submitted at most six (6) months before the event and at the latest three (3) weeks before the event.

The deadline dates are:

  • Annual Spring submission deadline: April 20.
  • Annual Summer submission deadline: July 31.
  • Annual Fall submission deadline: December 15.

The FCRG application requires:

  1. Applicants must be subscribed to the Capstone Group online mailing list where they can be reached via email by Capstone representatives.
  2. Personal information
  3. Professional information
  4. Contact information
  5. Educational background
  6. Descriptive paragraph of the research or creative work to be presented
  7. An abstract.
  8. Other identifying information includes dates of event, name of event, event website, and event registration amount

To obtain the link to the application, please subscribe to the Capstone Group at https://www.hucapstonegroup.com.  We will then send a link to the application form with your email subscription.

Contact Information

Interested faculty may contact the HU Capstone Group at: meccaminded@gmail.com