The Capstone Group

is a group of vested stakeholders focused on the fundamental goal of promoting holistic accountability and transparency across the university’s ecosystem, through a dynamic collaborative of Howard University alumni, faculty members, staff, students, friends and community supporters for now and in the future.

We are very concerned

about the current state of our beloved Howard University because of: 1) the 2018 student protest; 2) two faculty no-confidence votes for President Frederick; and 3) the recent decision by the Howard University Board of Trustees to eliminate student, faculty and alumni seats from the HU Board of Trustees.

We are committed

to ensuring that Howard University embraces and builds on its institutional greatness as a world leader in research, arts, culture, science and innovation

The Capstone Group will

will groom and support candidates for the Board of trustees that have proven track records of forwarding the mission of our Alma Mater. We will work to change the current outmoded and ineffective governance structure to bring forth the “stated” shared governance structure that is democratic and fair with voices and votes from all stakeholders- students, alumni, faculty, administrators and community.

The Capstone Group seeks

to raise funds to support scholarships, research, career development, and infrastructure for Howard University. We want Howard University to be a financially secure, research level one, comprehensive institution. We want Howard to realize its phenomenal potential as an institutional world leader. We want Howard to regain its position at the vanguard of Black philosophical and academic thought. We want for Howard to once again become the international epicenter and hub for Black scholars and professionals from all over the diaspora.